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St. Vitus Music Ministries

As an integral part of the celebration of any liturgical event, the mission of the St. Vitus Music Ministry is to serve God and the congregation with the joyous gift of music. Every parishioner, both here at St. Vitus and the neighboring parishes, has several opportunities to serve our community through the ministries offered to them.

St. Vitus  Adult Choir

The mission of the St. Vitus Adult Choir is to inspire, motivate, engage and lead the congregation in hymns and “the designated parts” of the Mass. The choir also has a role to provide appropriate music for prayer, reflection and meditation.
To become a member of the choir, one must possess a love and a reasonable skill for singing. The choir is comprised of a mixed voice ensemble. Members are expected to sing for one Mass every weekend and for any special liturgies throughout the year. Choir rehearsals are held every Wednesday evening beginning at 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The choir season starts in September and concludes in June.
If you are interested in participating in the choir, invite a friend to join us. 

Handbell Choir

The Handbell Choir is comprised of people of varied ages who share in creating music written for handbells. The handbells span to three octaves with each person responsible for playing certain bells within the ensemble. They make music by individually playing certain notes with the correct bells at the appropriate times in the music.
Reading music can be very beneficial in playing the bells, but it is not a requirement. Rhythmic counting and pitch reading are taught to some extent in each practice session.
Members of this group rehearse every Wednesday evening from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. from September to May or June. The group plays for special liturgies and other events as determined by the director and members.

Bereavement Choir

The Bereavement Choir is committed to providing a service for families who have lost a loved one. Music, being both comforting and inspiring at times like these, can soothe the pain the families are experiencing. Members of the Bereavement Choir are also members of the St. Vitus Adult Choir, but anyone is welcome to sing if his or her schedule permits. These choir members are called on an “as-needed” basis and find that ministering in this special way is very fulfilling.


The ministry of cantor provides a valuable service to the parish congregation when he or she makes the assembly’s prayer possible through song. The cantor has the responsibility for any songs or hymns that require solo passages, leading the assembly in a recurring refrain and inviting the assembly to sing in hymns used throughout the Mass. The Responsorial Psalm, the Gospel Acclamation and the Gloria are other examples of the cantor’s responsibility.
The requirements to be a successful cantor must include a strong singing voice, ability to encourage people to join in the songs and dedication to the Ministry of Music. A time will be set up for a brief audition to discuss your participation and the expectations of this important position in the liturgy.

Youth Choir

A number of the parish youth find enjoyment in participating in the Youth Choir. The members are generally elementary and middle-school students. This group generally sings for a Christmas liturgy and any other specific liturgy chosen by the director. Rehearsals are held for one hour a session two or three weeks prior to the liturgy they commit themselves to sing.
Participating in the Youth Choir is a great opportunity for those who love to sing using their talents to bond together. Please contact Katie Mazzei at 724 654-8675 for further information.






Choir Schedule
Sep2016 - Jan2017

Wicks Organ

Sandy DeCarbo, Organist

          The pipe organ, called "the king of instruments," is considered to be the primary instrument in worship.  Most people connect the sound of a pipe organ with church more than any other sound and the organ is known as the best man-made instrument for supporting congregational singing.  The organ is a wind instrument: a collection of wind instruments all in one place - reeds, flutes, trumpets, etc., and one person can play them all simultaneously. Various choirs, called ranks, or families of pipes that make up the organ mean that there can be a limitless variety of tone colors in the worship service.  The length of the pipe will also determine the pitch of the sound it makes; therefore, there must be at least one pipe for every note on the keyboard.  The different colors of sound and varying degrees of loudness are produced by the different pipes.
St. Vitus is blessed and proud to have such a custom designed instrument in our church. The Wicks organ was installed in 1992, culminated by a dedication program on November 1 of that year. 
          The organ has 2 manuals, pedals that play 32 stops, and includes 15 ranks and 889 pipes that fill the chamber in the loft.  The organ is a lasting investment, and nothing can match the clarity, brightnesss and liveliness of the sounds produced by a pipe organ in enhancing worship and praise.