Parish Contribution Records for 2017


Parish Contribution Records are complete for the 2017 calendar year.
If you wish to receive a statement of your contributions,
please send a self-addressed, stamped, business size (#10) envelope
with your request. This will allow for quick processing.

Please print out and return the form below to the parish
where you are registered no later than
March 30, 2018.

You must be registered at a parish (have an envelope #).  Parish
records will not show offerings of loose cash dropped anonymously
in the baskets, or stipends for Mass or Altar candle requested intentions.

For more precise record keeping, always use your envelopes
or take advantage of On-Line Giving. On-Line Giving enables
you to view your contributions at any time throughout the year.

Your tax information will be mailed to you.
For reasons of privacy, tax information will not be given
over the phone, or faxed.

Hard copy of Individual Financial
Statement for 2017
Request Form

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